Our Work Trader positions are opportunities to be more involved in the evolution of Kanekiki.  You can experience life in the tropics, working with the land and living in community. Work traders commit to staying for longer, work longer hours and take on more responsibility where needed.   


Without Work Traders, Kanekiki would not be possible.  We very much need dedicated, hard working hands and minds to help us cultivate the land and community.

Daily Tasks

  • Harvesting

  • Machete work

  • Domestic work

  • Clearing land for planting

  • Weeding gardens

  • Digging earth and planting trees

  • Carrying rocks and removing stumps

  • Weed whacking

  • Chainsaw work

  • Mowing

  • Construction work

The Work Trader agreement is work on the farm for 4-5 hours a day, four-five days a week.  Your work is traded for your accommodation, involvement in community activities and some food from the land. 


You will need to budget money for additional food during your stay.



  • 18 years of age or older

  • 5+ years full-time work experience

  • Willingness and ability to perform daily physical labor

Five years full-time work experience means 35+ hours a week for five years.  This experience does not have to be consecutive, but must equal five or more years.

If you do not have experience, you may qualify for an Internship or Guest Trader position. 

For those who have never done consistent physical labor, daily farm work can seem strenuous or mundane. We work with heavy tools as well as some gas-powered and industrial equipment. Work Traders need to be prepared for the challenge and reward of day-to-day farm work.  

With all of our visitors, safety is of upmost importance. We ask all those working on the farm to wear suitable work clothes and safety attire.  We also will not ask you to use any tools or equipment without first assessing your willingness and giving you thorough instruction.  

Though some of this work is labor intensive, it is a great way to improve your endurance and strength.


There are several ongoing tasks that are essential for maintaining the integrity of the farm.  Some Work Traders choose to exclusively manage one or more of these tasks during their stay with us. 

If you are interested in taking on a specific task with us, or have farm specific skills and experience, please let us know in your application.

In general, we prefer our Work Traders to commit to a stay of 3-6 months.  If a longer stay is desired, we still recommend starting with 3 months as a trial for a longer term stay.  If your circumstances would only allow you to be here for 3 months or shorter, such as in the case of those requiring a visa, we are willing to discuss options. 

When applying  keep in mind that we tend to fill up 2-3 months in advance.  On the rare occasion we have a spot open last minute, but It's best to plan ahead for your stay with us. 

Ana Maria


A sanctuary for the body, mind and soul. Being able to wake up every day seeing life flourish in the form of fruit trees is beautiful. Nourishing my body with raw foods, clean water and fresh air. A community that will forever be my family. Kanekiki has provide me so much support to heal myself and create the life that I want. 

Work Trader 
5 months | Toronto, Canada

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Work Trader  
8 months | Westchester, New York


Kanekiki has been the most pleasurable experience of my life. This place has the unique ability to attract and gather beautiful people from all over the world to create a multicultural paradise in the middle of a Hawaiian fruit forest. I'm so grateful to have found a  home that is possibly more of a home than home. 

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Maybe there is only one better feeling than climbing a tree, picking the fruit, and sharing it with a community of people who are right there with you, with their heart, mind and body. Maybe that feeling is having planted that tree with these people. I'm looking forward to that day here at Kanekiki, my home! 

Work Trader 
8 months

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 Work Trader  
4 months | Hershey, Pennsylvania


I love Kanekiki for so many reasons: the beauty of the property, the incredible fruit, the opportunity for solitude and reflection, but most of all for the deep and authentic relationships that are able to exist in this community. I'm truly forever grateful for my home here at Kanekeiki. 

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Taking a Temporary Pause

Kanekiki is currently going through a transition and we are taking a temporary pause from accepting applications and doing video interviews at this time.  Stay tuned, we would still love the opportunity to potentially host you in the future, and will be back 'online' as soon as we are ready.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out, we appreciate your love and support!

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