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Updated: Mar 18, 2019

Hello everyone!

It’s been a long time since the last update and yes, we are still here and celebrating that fact!

So much has happened in the past six months it would be hard to sum it up in one post. I’ll do my best to include some of the major events and improvements, and a few of our smaller, yet still profound victories. Here we go…

Our first helping hands to come to the our aid, I won’t name names but you know who you are <3, gave us so much of their time and healing energy that we were able to focus and accomplish projects that we had been longing to tackle for years. Before bringing anything back into our living spaces, we began to clear away all that we left behind that no longer had a purpose for our community. Many a trip to the dump left us feeling accomplished and renewed and ready to bring back our systems, appliances and things that make living at Kanekiki more comfortable. Then the ‘fun part’ began…

Our main focus at first was improving our community living spaces. We had a golden opportunity to work freely on areas that would normally be in constant use. Once more hands arrived we set to transforming the kitchen area, staining and refinishing moldy wooden countertops, painting (also moldy) cabinets and putting a fresh coat of paint on our food safes. We even repainted walls, rerouted old electrical wiring and implemented a new and improved cubby system in the laundry area.

All of this may sound like easy work but it took long work days, time made wholly enjoyable by the team of individuals who were there making it all happen. In a month and a half, we had turned an overgrown moldy kitchen into a beautiful prep space that’s is still looking really fine after 5 months of good use! There was so much work happening in that beginning phase: reorganization of the shop (done single handedly by one determined woman!), clearing of mountains of cane grass, reinstalling the solar and water systems, getting huts in livable condition along with reestablishing the heart of our community. I’m sure there’s more that I haven’t mentioned that was equally impactful. When I look back to six months ago, I think of some really special moments and unforgettable connections that have undoubtedly influenced this place, and me personally, for good.

a rare capturing of our first group volunteers after the eruption

Fast forward a few months and Kanekiki feels almost as it was before the lava flow. Some areas of the land look similar to before we evacuated, and other areas are completely unrecognizable due to all the work that has been done clearing weed-trees and creating new open spaces. Still there are patches to be fully recovered and repaired. Here is a few of our before and afters...

We have had some courageous, dedicated and inspiring people come through our gates and bless us with their hands and hearts. Kanekiki has also had it’s fair share of conflict, tension and challenges as are often presented in community

I would like to give a shout-out to the managers, Bill, Vicki and Bobbi for being the reason Kanekiki is here in the first place, and that it was able to come back to life at all. They have all dedicated and given their whole lives to Kanekiki and what it stands for, while also giving their all to the people who come to help us. It takes a tremendous amount of courage and commitment from each of them to continue to move forward through every challenge presented to create such a unique and beautiful home.

Currently we have an amazing core group bringing much needed change to the land. We have been overwhelmed with support and so grateful for it! Thank you to all who have donated money, time and/or sweat and blood to Kanekiki these months past! It’s not possible without you. <3

That’s all for this post! More to come (I promise!) as we have many projects, completed and in progress that we’re excited to share. If you’re interested in visiting is this year, we have immediate openings for Internships and Guest Trade stays and openings for our Work Trader program starting in September this year.

Mahalo for reading and Aloha to you all!

Katy - for Kanekiki Community Farm

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