Bobbi Cuttance

Bobbi is a visionary and has played a big role in the development and management of the Kanekiki Visitor Program.  Originally from New Zealand, she’s migrated to Hawaii to make Kanekiki her home. 


Bobbi has recently taken a keen interest in creating and teaching vegan-based Korean Natural Farming.  

“Natural farming enhances the microorganisms in the soil to produce healthy food and healthy people.”

Bobbi fills her time at the farm putting finishing touches on her hut, caring for her doggies and mixing up various inputs for her Korean Natural Farming projects.

Bill Craine

Bill has been an educator for over 40 years, starting off teaching Industrial Arts and Technology at the age of twenty-one. 

“Sharing knowledge is my passion. I love to encourage creativity and self-reliance.”

You’ll often find Bill driving the tractor, fixing something or leading a group to dig holes for new papaya and banana trees.


For more than 30 years, he’s had a vision of a co-operative community based on supporting life.  


“I’m living the dream.”

Meet the Family

In the ever-growing and changing family of Kanekiki, we honor our key players who hold everything together.  These are the amazing folks who have made Kanekiki what it is today.

Vicki Craine

Vicki, retired math teacher of 25 years, has a joy for raw living foods and juices that is infectious!  Always a problem solver, she is our resident empathy guru and master Raw Vegan Chef. 

“Community has been my greatest challenge in life, and also my greatest joy.”

Vicki is continuously inspired by the dramatic growth in herself and in the people who bless her home of Kanekiki.


Many days she can be seen facilitating “heart to heart” conversations, giving everyone a taste of her latest creation and drinking juice.

Katy Leeder

Katy is an all around Managerial Assistant to Bill, Vicki and Bobbi.  As a young woman of many talents and passions she finds joy in organizing community work parties, activities and adventures. 


As the daughter of Bill and Vicki, she has had the opportunity of becoming intimate with the land and experienced the awesome growth potential that community life offers.

"Kanekiki holds a special place in my heart.  A place where magic is as simple as you and me under an avocado tree."

You will see Katy leading community meetings, working out in the gym or having a video call with her Australian fiancé, Rob. 

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