Our six-week Internship Program is an immersion into living in the tropics, cultivating health and developing skills for sustainable living. The program includes an introduction to farming in the tropics, raw vegan food, off-grid living and support in a self-directed project of your choice.

Taking a Temporary Pause

Kanekiki is currently going through a transition and we are taking a temporary pause from accepting applications and doing video interviews at this time.  Stay tuned, we would still love the opportunity to potentially host you in the future, and will be back 'online' as soon as we are ready.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out, we appreciate your love and support!

Green Plants

Kanekiki Solo Internship

Our six-week Internship Program is an immersion into living in the tropics, cultivating health and developing skills for sustainable living. The program includes an introduction to farming in the tropics, raw vegan food, off-grid living and support in a self-directed project of your choice.    

Your project can be anything that you are genuinely inspired to do that benefits yourself and/or the farm.   There are nearly endless opportunities to contribute to the land and community.  We are happy to help you, as needed, to choose a fulfilling project. Some of our previous interns have painted signs or murals, established pineapple gardens, improved Kanekiki’s online presence or helped build new infrastructure. 

We are willing to work with college students to create internships that will gain them credits for their chosen studies. If this is something you would like to do, please note it in your application

Internship Summary

Week One 
  • Orientation

  • Introduction to the land and community living

  • 2 hours farm work daily

  • Choosing a project

Week Two to Five 
  • 2 hours farm work daily

  • 2 hours work on chosen project

  • Bi-weekly meetings with internship supervisor

Week Six 
  • 3 hours farm work daily

  • Project completion and presentation

Kanekiki's internship program fee is $1750.  This includes food from the land, accommodation and any costs associated with your internship project. Your airfare and additional food expenses are not included in the program fee.  See our Budgeting page for  advice on how to financially prepare for your stay.

Who are Kanekiki Internships most ideal for?

Internships are suitable for people over the age of 18 looking for an opportunity to focus learning and creating.  They are perfect for students wanting something interesting, enriching and a little adventurous to do during their gap year.  Internships can also be a  wonderful experience for anyone of any age to learn something new, practice a skill or concentrate on improving wellness. 

Our internship can also offer a gateway to a longer stay as a Guest Trader or Trainee Work Trader.


Kanekiki is excited to be offering it’s first ever group internship program!  What makes this program unique to our solo internship offering is the chance to work and learn alongside a group of 6-8 interns in a collective effort to rebuild and replant Kanekiki’s main greenhouse

The Group Internship will be a hands-on journey in sustainable living and farming in the tropics.  In addition to the main focus project we have informational offerings and even some opportunities for Big Island sight-seeing! 

You do not need any previous farming or construction experience, just a willingness to work outside and to learn new skills.  If interested please apply through the link provided below. 

We’re taking applications from now until we’ve filled our spots, and those signing up before April 1st are eligible for a $250 discount!



FullJune 2021

We are excited to have already filled our Group Internship for June 2021!!  Due to the overwhelmingly positive response this program has created we are considering offering several more group internships for 2022. Keep checking here for more information or feel free to contact us to request notice for when we launch the next Group Internship offerings!




Dates: June 1st- July 13th


Group size: 6-8 interns


Focus Project:

Reconstructing and replanting an off-grid Greenhouse in Hawaii


Main instructor:  Bill Craine, 36 year Industrial Technology teacher, now retired to off-grid living on the Big Island.


Additional Opportunities:

  • Off-Grid Systems including Solar Power and Water Catchment/Filtration 

  • Composting

  • Natural and Organic Fruit Farming

  • Static Hydroponics

  • Harvesting and Care of Tropical Fruit Trees

  • Proper Tool Use and Safety 

  • Practice Compassionate Communication 

  • Raw Food Lifestyle and Recipes


Potential Sightseeing Trips:

  • Volcano National Park

  • Hilo Beach and Waterfall day

  • Hamakua Coast Hiking

AVOCADO BLISS 🐸💦✔🌿_we have about 10-1



I am so thankful for my time here at Kanekiki. I've never encountered such a loving, open, and adventurous group of people. Thank you... for the opportunity to experience and grow within this community. I will definitely carry these memories and lessons with me wherever I go... I'll miss you all! 


6 weeks | Los Angeles, California

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6 weeks | Morgan Hill California


I am so grateful to have had the pleasure to experience, learn, grow, create, step up, and learn so much more about myself... I couldn't have seen my stay any other way and I am excited to venture forward and apply my learnings... Thank you for this chapter in my life. I'll be back!  

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6 weeks | Denmark


I  have endless gratitude... for love and compassion, new friendships, authentic connections, eye-opening conversations, team work fruit and smiling faces. Thank you to all the people here for making me grow and to love myself more. I will miss you all dearly and never forget the memories we've shared here. 

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6 weeks | Palm City, Florida


Kanekiki has been such a formative experience in my life. I've met some of the most beautiful and compassionate people on this planet and I feel so changed by the relationships I've cultivated here. Thank you for the growth, for loving me, for helping me to thrive and for opening me up so I can share myself with the world. I'm forever grateful to call Kanekiki my home away from home and I can't wait to come back!

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