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From humid tropical jungle to dry and arid desert, The Big Island will always surprise you with her compelling elements. Hawaii Island is home to Pele, known in Hawaiian legend as the goddess of the volcano and creatrice of the Hawaiian Islands.  Her legacy is known and respected by many people here, despite their beliefs and upbringing.


There are seven Hawaiian Islands, created by a hotspot under the earth’s crust.

The Big Island is the youngest and newest of the chain.  The caldera of Kilauea, an hour and a half’s drive from Kanekiki, is one of the world’s most active volcanoes.  

The Big Island boasts 8 out of 13 world climate zones.   There is a winter wet and summer dry season throughout the islands.   Hilo, the closest city to Kanekiki, is one of the rainiest cites in the United States.  Kanekiki stays a bit drier than in Hilo on average, and we enjoy gentle trade winds. In winter, it can sometimes rain for a week or more, while summertime brings brief daily and nightly showers. 


Because we live on the newer side of the island, we do not have the pristine sandy beaches you’ll see in the magazines.  Our coastline is made up of black lava rocks contrasting the deep crystal blue of the ocean. 

It is rough along these edges, and not safe for swimming. We do, however, know many safe and beautiful spots to snorkel, surf and have a swim.  There are also a few rare black sand beaches to visit along the coast.

When we get a craving for some sun and sand, the other side of the island, Kona, is our destination.  It takes about 1.5-3 hours, depending whether you take the other scenic route, to reach the other side. There are many scenic views, adventure and snack stops along the way.

The Saddle road, the quickest route from Hilo to Kona, passes between Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea.  Mauna Kea is the tallest mountain on earth, when measure from the submerged base to the summit.

The Hawaiian Culture holds many places on the Big Island as sacred.  Keep in mind that wherever you go on your adventures, you will most likely walk over ancient sites of cultural significance.  It is important to us to show great reverence for this land and the people who came before us.

In many ways, the Big Island of Hawaii is alive and growing.  Many people who come here say they can feel the intense and vital energy of the Island itself.   Some people feel they are at odds with the Pele’s energy, and leave earlier than planned.  Some people come here for a two-week vacation and stay for twenty years.

The power of the Island, whether magic or superstition, has a real effect.  Come with respect and an openness of mind and heart and you may be greatly rewarded.


Our visitors at Kanekiki sometimes request and arrange group trips to various places of interest on the island.

The cost of each trip, including gas, accommodation and any fees, is paid shared by the group. Adventure trips are possibilities depending on vehicle availability, weather and planning.


The Big Island is incredibly beautiful and diverse. We encourage people to arrive a few days earlier than your intake date at Kanekiki and rent a car or take a Heleon Bus trip around the Island.

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