Taking a Temporary Pause

Kanekiki is currently going through a transition and we are taking a temporary pause from accepting applications and doing video interviews at this time.  Stay tuned, we would still love the opportunity to potentially host you in the future, and will be back 'online' as soon as we are ready.


If you have any questions feel free to reach out, we appreciate your love and support!

A position as a Guest Trader at Kanekiki allows our visitors to live on a tropical farm with a more relaxed schedule.  Guest Traders agree to a shorter time commitment and lighter work schedule and still have access the land, fruit and community activities.


As a Guest Trader, your agreement will be to work 2 hours a day, five days a week (two-weeks minimum).  Guest Traders can be involved in harvesting, gardening, domestic work, preparing food, composting, mowing and more. 

Two hours of farm work in the warmth and humidity of the tropics can feel equivalent to fours hours working elsewhere.  We like to be sensitive to the needs of everyone working on the farm, and work with them to find a balance between challenge and comfort.


The Guest Trader fee is $50 per day.  This includes accommodation and some food from the land.  Your additional food expenses are not included in the fee.  See our tips for budgeting your stay.

After eight weeks as a Guest Trader, you may also be eligible for a Trainee Work Trader position.   Please let us know on your application if your interested in progressing to a Trainee Work Trade Position.

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