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The Guest Program is for those who are desiring a short (less than two weeks), more relaxed stay with us.  Guests have no work expectations and are offered access to the land, the fruit and the community environment.  

We recommend a minimum stay of two nights in order to get the most from your experience with us. 

Guest Rates


-$75 per night for 2 or more nights

-$95 if staying for only one night

Who are Kanekiki Internships most ideal for?

Internships are suitable for people over the age of 18 looking for an opportunity to focus learning and creating.  They are perfect for students wanting something interesting, enriching and a little adventurous to do during their gap year.  Internships can also be a  wonderful experience for anyone of any age to learn something new, practice a skill or concentrate on improving wellness. 

Our internship can also offer a gateway to a longer stay as a Guest Trader or Trainee Work Trader.

Before Applying...

We advise all people coming to Hawaii and the Big Island to research a health concern in Hawaii and many tropical areas around the world. Rat Lung Disease, or Angiostrongulus, is a parasitic nematode that can cause disease of the gastrointestinal or central nervous systems in humans. Angiostrongulus has been present in Hawaii since the 1950’s and there have recently been a number of cases in the Puna area where our community resides. 

During our orientation we do give advice and information on how to reduce the likelihood of contracting this disease while you are in Hawaii. However, it is your responsibility to use safe practices with your food and water. We recommend having medical insurance. 

Cancelation Policy

All but the non-refundable deposit is fully refundable up until 120 days before the mutually agreed arrival date. The non-refundable deposit of $750 will be applied to the full fee, when the arrival date is confirmed more than 120 days before arrival. The deposit should be paid within 7 working days of you receiving our Welcome email. Your place is not guaranteed until your deposit has been paid. Payment of the remaining balance of $1000 is due in full at least 120 days before your arrival date. 

If acceptance is less than 120 days from your arrival date, the full payment of $1750 will be due within 7 working days of you receiving our Welcome email.

If for some reason, within 120 days of your agreed arrival date you find you are unable to arrive on our mutually agreed arrival date, your fee will not be refunded but may be applied at a later date. This will be at the discretion of Kanekiki management – you may be asked to provide compelling evidence of your need of an extension.

There will be no refunds offered if Kanekiki, by an Act of God or Natural disaster, is temporarily or permanently unable to accept Work Traders, Guest Traders, Trainee Work Traders, Interns or Guests to the Visitor Program.

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