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As an off-grid, raw vegan community, life at Kanekiki is drastically different from what most people know. 


Though it can take time to adjust, eventually almost everyone feels like Kanekiki is a home away from home.

Diet and Lifestyle

We eat a whole food and plant based raw diet at Kanekiki.  Our intention behind this is to support our individual health and the health of our environment.  When you’re living in the tropics, eating ripe tropical fruits becomes a natural choice.


Though we ask our visitors to eat only raw foods on the property, not everyone staying at Kanekiki is fully raw or expected to be. We trust and support each individual to make decisions that bring them health and joy.

It is not a requirement that you be fully raw or plant-based when you arrive, however, during your stay with us you will be asked to agree to practice a plant-based diet.  If you’re not accustomed to a raw or plant-based lifestyle, we encourage you to begin transitioning before your trip. Preparing your mind and body may make your first few days with us smoother.

If you would like more guidance on how to ease into a raw or vegan lifestyle, check out some of the resources that we have found helpful.

At Kanekiki, we LOVE food, and our food loves us back!  We celebrate with raw dishes of all types at our weekly potluck style community dinner and most of our meetings are accompanied by exotic snacks from the land like jackfruit, rolinia, soursop and mamey sapote.


The heart of Kanekiki is community.

We strive to cultivate a supportive environment of authentic expression, giving each of us a sense of belonging. We often meet outside of work hours to deepen our connections with one another and to simply have fun venturing the island, planning movie nights and playing games. Together we create, work, play, and live in harmony with each other and with nature. 


The power of community is something that can be lost in a society where we no longer live as a tribe.  When we focus on our own needs solely, seeing them as separate from the needs of others, an overwhelming anxiety or loneliness may be present for us.


At Kanekiki, we want to honor each other’s unique feelings and desires while acknowledging the fundamental needs we share.  Together we can care for each other’s needs and expressions without compromising our own.  Through Non-Violent Communication and other methods, we want to create a space to be seen and heard, give and receive freely and co-create satisfying solutions to the challenges of life.

The Land

Our fruit forest hosts nearly 100 varieties of fruiting trees abundant in tropical fruit. We also have garden areas where at times we grow some herbs and garden vegetables.  


The Land here is always changing with our focus and prioritized projects.  Maintenance of the trees, clearing areas and garden beds is always a big part of our efforts. Recently we've been putting a lot of our energy into hut improvement projects.  

Community Room

We have a large multipurpose room that serves as a hang out space, workspace, dinning room, movie theatre, yoga space and meeting place for our weekly gatherings.


Our kitchen is a typical Hawaiian outdoor kitchen — minus any cooking facilities.  The kitchen and community house both have electricity and running water.  Our community kitchen is equipped with refrigerators, a Vita Mix blender, a food processor, various juicers for fruit and veg, dehydrators and everything you’ll need for making day-to-day delicious raw vegan meals.


Accommodations at Kanekiki are of a basic nature.  We live in Bali style huts with no electricity, sink or toilet.  However many of our huts are close to the common areas where there is access to all our facilities.

We can welcome around 23 people including the owners, visitors and long-term work traders.


Kanekiki is a completely off-grid facility, so we try to conserve our resources.  For instance, when there’s a drought we take shorter showers and we have curfews on kitchen appliances to reserve power after dark. 

Using resources wisely and minimally allows us to live more in harmony with nature.  Though we all appreciate technology and use it to our advantage, we also find immense value in ‘unplugging’ and reconnecting.

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