How to budget for


We like to offer our visitors some information about what they can expect to spend, in general, while living at Kanekiki.  Our hope is to help you prepare for your trip so you can have access to everything you need.

General Expenses


$50-$90 per week

Though we eat what we can from the land, we’re still not 100% sustainable with food production.  We estimate a budget of $50-$90 a week will get you all the fresh produce you need.  If you like to eat out more than once a week, you'll want to budget a bit more.


$5-$25+ per trip

​On trips to town, markets and adventures around the island we all share the cost of gas and vehicle maintenance.  This could be anywhere between $5-$25+ depending on the distance and number of people. There is also an affordable bus between some of the island sights.


$30 per month

We have well maintained bicycles for rent at Kanekiki for $1 per day, payed in advance by the month with a $100 deposit.  The deposit is refundable when the bikes are returned in the same condition as when they were received.


$30 per month

We pay for wifi and cellular hotspots at the farm, and ask that anyone using it contribute to the cost.  The fee for internet is $1 per day, paid in advance by the month.

*Keep in mind, we live in the jungle, so service can be somewhat unreliable. 

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Suggested Budget

$120-$170 per week

This generous budget will allow you to participate in fun activities, eat what you like and have some freedom while you’re here.  You can easily spend less if you're eating more simply and staying close to the farm.  


Hawaii farmers markets are the best place to get fresh, seasonal produce all year round.  Among the many produce stalls, you’ll find locally crafted jewelry, clothing, natural beauty products and more.  There are also plenty of delicious prepared foods to try, with vegan options ranging from falafel to mochi.


The biggest markets are held on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, while many smaller markets are scattered throughout the week.


Sundays are market days for us, time to stock up for the week, enjoy our favorite treats and take in the market’s social atmosphere.


We also take weekly trips to the local health food store, the Island Naturals, to get all our extra goodies.




Most of us enjoy the occasional trip into town to enjoy a meal together.  There is an abundance of healthy vegan options on the Island. 

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