We have several options for people wanting to come stay with us and experience life in a community setting.  Interns, Work Traders, Guest Traders and Guest...

Please read each option carefully as they are all different and it is important for you to choose the option that you are qualified for... We do get many applications. If you apply for an option you are not qualified for i.e. you have less that 5 years "full time" work experience and you apply to be a Work Trader, you may not reach the interview stage. (Full time work experience is when you have worked for 5 years and worked between 35 - 40 hours per week during that period.)

We hope to meet all needs and abilities.


Our Internship is six weeks in duration and are self directed with our guidance and offers a learning opportunity where you undertake a project of your choice as well as a working on the farm.  The fee includes some food from the land, (you will also need to purchase approx. $80 of produce each week and have spending money for extras like smoothies at the Sweet Cane Cafe etc.) your accommodation and any costs associated with your internship including internet and travel.

Kanekiki's internship program fee is $1750 for the six weeks. Your airfare and living expenses as described on our Read Me page will need to be budgeted for separately.

Interns projects can be anything from a health project, farming project, a personal development project to an art project or a small building project...people previously have done things like make a sign for our entrance, established a herb garden, their own You Tube channel, photography, a fitness project, etc, etc.

We are willing to work with students at colleges and universities to create an internship that will meet their need to gain credits for their chosen studies. Please ask about this and how it works when you enquire about internships.

Who are Kanekiki Internships most ideal for?

They are immensely suitable for people with less than 5 years full time work experience but anyone over the age of 18 can find fulfillment completing an Internship with us. They can be particularly suitable to those wishing to spend time in a supportive ” low fat, raw, plant based, or 80/10/10 inspired community” and who wish to work on their own health issues, diet and lifestyle. They are perfect for people wanting something interesting, exciting and a little adventuresome to do during their gap year after high school or college. The internship offers a somewhat more relaxed schedule than the Work Trade option as well as some exciting learning opportunities. They can also offer a gateway to staying for a longer period as a Guest Trader. Kanekiki is  a supportive place to work on your own health issues and or to transition to a healthy low fat raw vegan diet.  The fee for the internship is currently$1750 and this covers:

  • Accommodation,
  • Your internship,
  • Any costs associated with your internship including internet and some travel but not all.,
  • Some, but not all of your food. (See under expenses on the Read Me page. This food is organic fruits and some vegetables grown on Kanekiki Community land.)

If you accept an Internship at Kanekiki you will need to complete the 6 week internship before taking up a Guest Trader position or becoming a Trainee Work Trader. The farm work the Interns and Guest Traders undertake is similar to the Work Traders do, but is many less hours each week and the work can be a little lighter in nature if needed. A Trainee Work Trader position request is assessed during the Internship on the following;

  • How the person copes with the challenge of the physical work of an Intern and their time management.
  • How they manage and engage in their Internship
  • Whether the Intern fully embraces being at Kanekiki and is growing and thriving on community life and all that entails.
  • Space availability (we are limited to the number of people we can accommodate at any one time)

An Intern would need to be show a strong work ethic during their internship to succeed to a Trainee Work Trader position.

Work Traders...

We are shorty to embark on a new community building program and are keen to hear from people with construction / building skills. These positions would suit people wanting shorter and longer term stays. We are also still looking for Work Traders to carry on the normal work of the farm while our building program is in progress. We make a ‘verbal’ contract with our Work Traders and have certain expectations regarding productivity and agreed minimum length of stay.  Our preferred  stay is 4 - 6 months and perhaps  longer. We appreciate that many people from outside the US are unable to stay longer than three months so are unable to make our desired commitment. If they have skills and work experience we find helpful, we may be able to make an exception, at our discretion. We prefer 6 months. Non US Citizens: If you are from outside of the US please discuss your options with us during your application interview. If your country of origin has a reciprocal agreement with the US you might also be able to apply for a Working Holiday Scheme https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Working_holiday_visa Being a Work Trader at Kanekiki has many benefits, however the work expectation is more challenging and is not for the faint hearted. Most people find it a challenge unless they are used to physical labor, having said that it's not slave labor 🙂 We like to have some fun and some days are less physical than others. It has been our experience that the Work Trade positions are suited to people with five or more years full time work experience and perhaps/hopefully some of that spent doing manual work. This option requires 4 - 5 hours actual productive work, 5 days a week and can include anything from harvesting, to weed whacking using a gas powered weed whacker, clearing land by hand to enable planting of fruit trees, digging out stumps, mundane work like fence maintenance and moving rocks; chainsaw work, tractor driving, using mowers (industrial and domestic), machete work (we have 20 – 30' high elephant grass), to domestic work. Whatever needs doing, Work Traders must be prepared to be attired in suitable work clothes, boots and safety attire, and be willing to undertake work as directed. The Work Trade positions take care of the routine maintenance of the farm community doing “the grunt work", labor intensive and/or mundane. We mostly work in 'work crews' and feel a great sense of achievement at the end of the day. These positions offer a great opportunity for someone whose wanting to challenge themselves physically. We have often heard it said that 4 hours work in a tropical environment is like 8 hours physical work elsewhere. Kanekiki offers great opportunities for hands-on learning about living in the tropics, taking care of the land and fruit trees, living in community, improving communication skills and living in a lower tech off grid environment. If you have 5 years full time work experience, hopefully some of that time doing manual work, then you qualify to apply for a Work Trade position. Five years full time work experience is a pre-requisite for Work TradersIf you do not have that experience, you qualify to apply for an Internship, Guest Trader or Guest position, either of these options could lead to an eventual Work Trade option for you. We do have some semi permanent Work-Trade positions available to the right people, this would be negotiated during the initial contract with people who are a good fit for these positions. If you are interested in a semi-permanent position please indicate this on your application.

Work Traders coming to Kanekiki pay a refundable $250 "Surety Bond" when accepting a position at Kanekiki. Details regarding the Bond are on our Cancellation Policy. Please be sure to read.

Guest Traders...

We are shorty to embark on a new community building program and are keen to hear from people with construction / building skills. These positions could suit skilled people wanting a shorter stay. If you have the skills we are looking for to work on these projects we are willing to look at shorter term Work Trader stays where your focus would be more on construction.  We are also still looking for Guest Traders to carry on the normal work of the farm while our building program is in progress. Being a Guest Traders offers a shorter stay option, although this option can also be considerably longer. A commitment to work just 2 hours a day 5 days a week with a two week minimum stay qualifies for a Guest Trader stay.  This option offers a more relaxed stay and another way to have a softer landing. The daily fee of $45 per day covers accommodation and some food from the land. Longer term Guest Traders may also be able to qualify after a reasonable period, usually 6 - 8 weeks, for a Work Trader position. A Trainee Work Trade position request is assessed during the Guest Trade period on the following;

  • how the person copes with the challenge of the physical work of a Guest Trader which is half in time of the Work Traders and may be lighter work. More physical work is likely when taking on the Trainee Work Trader challenge and the daily hours actual work daily, an increase on 1 hour daily, until you become a Work Trader then the hours are 4 hours actual work a day.
  • whether they are fully embracing being at Kanekiki and are growing and thriving on community life and all that entails.
  • space availability (we are limited to the number of people we can accommodate at any one time)

The Guest Trader wishing to move on to become a Work Trader will need to show a strong work ethic during their initial 6 - 8 week Guest Trader stay to succeed to a Trainee Work Trader position.  (Please see below for more details)


Guest Stay options are also available – the preferred minimum stay is two nights and the fee is $70 per night, per person - if you can only stay one night the cost is $95 per person. No work requirement the first two days, after that 1 hour a day light work is required per day. This is likely to be light weeding or domestic work. If at Kanekiki on harvest days you will be welcome to join the harvest crew. Each guest will receive a farm tour. If you have a desire to join the work crew for a day or a couple of hours while you are with us, this may also be possible.

Trainee Work Trader...

Once your Internship is complete or you have completed a longer term Guest Trader stay, it may be possible to stay on as a Trainee Work Trader.

As a Trainee Work Trader you would be required to achieve good work productivity working 3 hours a day, 5 days a week for six weeks. You could expect that your work load would increase significantly and your would need to be prepared to take on more responsibilities during this six week period. The increased work hours and level of work expectation is to help you transition into becoming a longer term Work Trader. As a Work Trader you would be required to work four to five hours a day and your work responsibilities would increase further. There would be a four week probationary period once you become a Work Trader and a minimum agreed stay of three months as a Work Trader. You would be also need to pay the 'Surety Bond' requested of Work Traders. (Please see details of this under the Cancellation Policy page).

During your period as a Trainee Work Trader there would be a daily fee of $20 per day, payable in advance along with the 'Surety Bond'.

Semi Permanent Work Trade positions...

We are willing to discuss this with interested people during their period as a Work Trader. You would need to come to Kanekiki as a Work Trader for these positions or work your way into a Work Trader position via the Internship or long term Guest Trader gateway options, to be considered.

If you are interested in applying for one of these options please also read About Us and the Read Me page then contact us using our contact page, telling us which option meets your needs and our criteria, and we'll send you an application.

We are not able to offer a place to people wishing to bring a dog or cat to Kanekiki as we have several cats and dogs already living here.

Before requesting our application form  we advise all people coming to Hawaii and the Big Island to research two issues that affect some people here in Hawaii. These are both health concerns that are in many tropical area’s around the world. Rat Lung Disease or Angiostrongulus, is a parasitic nematode that can cause severe gastrointestinal or central nervous system disease in humans. It has been in Hawaii since the 1950’s and there has recently been a number of cases in the Puna area. More information on Rat Lung Worm Disease here.   During our orientation we do give advice on how to reduce the likelihood of contracting Rat Lung disease while you are in Hawaii, but cannot give any guarantees. We suggest that medical insurance is a good idea. If you have EBT you may also be able to get Hawaii’s free medical insurance, Quest, while you are here.

Due to Rat Lung Worm Disease we feel unable to offer space to families with children under the age of seven years.