Expenses: Food. All people receive some, not all, their food from the community land. You would need to budget $70 — $90 per week to purchase produce from the farmers markets. If you eat out at restaurants, market vendors, etc., your weekly food bill will be higher. We suggest purchasing produce at the weekly farmers markets with occasional purchases from the local health food shop – in which case the $70 – $90 should cover your needs. The only other expenses you should have while you are with us at Kanekiki are:

  • the internet, $1 per day if you choose to use it (paid a month in advance)
  • you might wish to have the sole use of a community bicycle while you are with us. We ask for a bond/deposit of $100 and a donation of $1 per day (paid a month in advance)  a bike which would be yours for the duration of your visit with us. (We have a limited number of bikes available so talk to us about your needs as soon as you know you are coming to stay.) We use your rental fee to keep the bikes in good running order for our guests. The bond is refundable if the cycle is returned in the same condition as you received it.
  • For travel either around the island or to markets to purchase produce and other outings, there will be some cost. We share the cost of running a vehicle. Usually to the markets on Sunday $4. Taking a bus to Hilo it can be anywhere between $2 for the bus or approx. $7 – $25 by car, depending on the number of people traveling.

Budgeting: Purchasing food, using a community bike and the internet as well as going on outings to town, the odd movie, hiking, etc, budget approx. $140 per week. This amount will not cover eating out...if you'll be doing that, and most people want to from time to time, budget another $15 - $30 per week more it eating out daily or several days a week. This will allow you to participate in lots of fun activities. You could live on less that but not a lot less. $170 a week includes some eating out, it would mean you get to do fun things without stressing about money and prepare most of your meals at Kanekiki.  Favorite scafes of most people's are the Sweet Cane Cafe, Tina's, Maku'u Market and Conscious Culture Cafe in Hilo. The Kava Bar in Pahoa is also popular.