The Property

Kanekiki's mature food forest stretches across 18 acres of land.
There are nearly 100 varieties of fruiting trees on the property.

Some of those varieties include:

Apple Banana
Mamey Sapote
White Sapote
Black Sapote
Avocado (more than 10 varieties)

Just to name a few.

We also have a 1500 sq ft green house and additional garden areas where we are growing a variety of greens and garden vegetables.

Diet and Lifestyle

Our community aspires to be 80/10/10 low fat raw * vegan. The members here are all on the path to being the best 80/10/10er's they can possibly be. For some of us this means different things, it could mean that we have 80/10/10 totally down, or that we struggle to eat all raw, often for emotional reasons. Some could increase their exercise while others are still working to reduce their fat intake.  We support each other to embrace all of the aspects of this lifestyle and simply do the best we can and acknowledge our own and each others efforts in a positive way 🙂 We support anyone wanting to embrace 80/10/10 and we extend a welcome to those people to our community to experience this lifestyle. 

Our kitchen is free of condiments, salad oils, processed sugars, salt, etc. Coming to Kanekiki you would need to be willing to either follow the 80/10/10 lifestyle while here or at least be raw on the community * vegan.

We do not subscribe to any one belief or philosophy and welcome people of all spiritual / philosophical persuasions.

Clean and sober lifestyle:

We require all people living here to be clean and sober in that they must be willing to forgo the use of all mind altering substances while living with us.

This includes tobacco, coffee, kava, alcohol, marijuana - medical or recreational, prescribed drugs not prescribed for a medical condition, LSD, speed, heroin, cocaine, magic mushrooms, Ice/P and ayahuasca or any other mind altering substance.

The only acceptation to this agreement may be the use or prescribed medication when used as prescribed - this is assessed on a case by case basis and you may be asked to provide a letter from your doctor to support this. Please mention any prescription medication you take on your application and what it is for and we'll discuss this during your interview should you decide to apply.

It’s important that you know and understand that we have a zero tolerance to these substances.  You'll need to be willing to embrace our Drug Agreement. The agreement is that we all agree not to use drugs whether on or off Kanekiki property during the time we are living at Kanekiki.

If you have been using any substances until now, you'll need to withdraw from using them for at least six weeks, (perhaps up to three months, if you use daily) prior to your arrival and be willing to test clean shortly after arriving at Kanekiki. We also have a random drug test policy in place.

We want you to experience being truly authentic, emotionally present, and experience living the healthiest you can while you are with us. Kanekiki Community is a very supportive environment for doing this.

The Puna area generally has a high incidence of drug use therefore Kanekiki is not a good place to come to if you are wanting to get off drugs. Drugs are freely available in the area. Kanekiki is a safe sanctuary however and a great place to be if you desire to live a clean and sober life. 

If you currently use any of these substances making a commitment to quit them several months before joining us will meet our needs and likely serve you also.  If after reading this you decide that Kanekiki is not right for you at present we understand. There is no judgement. If at any time in the future you decide you'd like to experience what Kanekiki has to offer we'd love to hear from you.

Anyone choosing to use these substances while they are living at Kanekiki will be asked to leave, whether they consume them while away from the property or on the property. 

If you are unsure about what 80/10/10 is please check out this link  — the book 80/10/10 is available on this website will give you a good insight into our diet and lifestyle.

* Note: While we do not consume any land or marine animal products in our diet, our community is based on our diet preference, that being low fat, raw and plant based. Many people do however embrace the vegan ethic *


Living in community we have found the work of:

Marshall Rosenberg and his Non Violent Communication to be excellent in helping us to have our needs met and express our feelings.

We believe that Don Miguel Ruiz and his amazing work The Four Agreements and the Fifth Agreement offers a great guide to live by:

Be impeccable with our word,
Don’t take things personally,
Don’t make assumptions,
Always do the best we can,
Be skeptical, but learn to listen.

We also find Brad Blanton’s work on Radical Honesty super helpful and encourage everyone here to embrace this.

The Release Technique – as described by Lester Levinson we find very helpful.

We encourage people wishing to come to Kanekiki to be willing to read and listen to audio books we have regarding these communication methods and ”try them on” while at Kanekiki Community. We have found it to be essential living in community to find a means of communication that is honest, ’non violent’ and ensures peoples needs are met and feelings are expressed. We’ve also found that people often find it difficult to release their feelings and find The Release Technique works well for us.